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  • M.S. Computer Science, University of Illinois Springfield (expected 2021)
  • M.S. Library and Information Science, School of Information Sciences, UIUC (2016)
  • B.S. Sociology, Illinois State University (2008)
  • A.S. General Studies, Parkland College (2006)
  • Certificate, Office Assistant, Parkland College (2006)


  • Lecturer (full time teaching faculty) (June 2017 – Present)
    • School of Information Sciences, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Data Curation Specialist (May 2015 – May 2017)
    • Research Data Service, University Library, University of Illinois
  • Adjunct Lecturer (August 2016 – May 2017)
    • School of Information Sciences, University of Illinois
  • Research Assistant (January 2014 – May 2015)
    • Center for Informatics Research in Science and Scholarship, University of Illinois
  • Research Data Management Intern (Summer 2014)
    • Bodleian Digital Library Systems and Services, Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford
  • Metadata Programming Intern (Summer 2014)
    • Content Access and Management, University Library, University of Illinois
  • Curation Manager (2012-2014), Data Curator (2011-2012), Project Coordinator (2009-2011)
    • Wolfram|Alpha, Wolfram Research, Champaign, IL


  • Certified Carpentries Instructor Trainer (August 2017)
  • Certified Carpentries Instructor (May 2015)


  • NumFOCUS Contributor Award for Project Jupyter, 2018
  • GSLIS student award: Information Systems/Technologies Award, 2016


  • Instructor, Intro to Command Line Tools, IS590SCL (Fall 2019)
    • New course developed. Four week intensive work on command line, shell scripts, and AWS.
  • Instructor, Intro to the Python Standard LibraryIS590SHP (Fall 2019)
    • New course developed. Four week intensive intro to Python for developers.
  • Instructor, Foundations of Information ProcessingIS 452 (Fall 2016 – Present)
    • Instructed 8 sections over AY16-Fall AY19, Instructor Ranked as Excellent for 5 of the sections
    • Topics covered: Python, CSVs, JSON, SQL, XPath, and Regular Expressions
  • Instructor, Open Data MashupsIS 590OM (Fall 2018 – Present)
    • New course developed and instructed for 2 semesters, Instructor Ranked as Excellent for most recent section.
    • Students develop independent projects to create a reproducible data science project scoped on data munging/preparation activities.
  • Co-Instructor, Security Studies, NPRE 498S (Fall 2017)
    • Created and led five weeks of instruction on data management and data curation




  • Wickes, E. (forthcoming, 2019) Sustainability and success models for informal data science training within libraries. In Data Fluency in the Age of Data Science, Facet Publishing.
  • Barba, L. A., Barker, L. J., Blank, D. S., Brown, J., Downey, A. B., George, T., Heagy, L. J., Mandli, K. T., Moore, J. K., Lippert, D., Niemeyer, K. E., Watkins, R. R., West, R. H., Wickes, E., Willing, C., and Zingale, M. (2018).  Primary author of Chapter 3: Notebooks in Teaching and Learning.  In Teaching and Learning With Jupyter (https://jupyter4edu.github.io/jupyter-edu-book)
  • Dunham, E., Wickes, E., Stein, A., Fallaw, C., & Imker, H. (2016). Pre­Metadata Counseling: Putting the DataCite relationType Attribute into Action. In Curating Research Data (Johnston, ed.).


  • (peer reviewed) Jordan, K. L., Corvellec, M., Wickes, E., Duckles, J., Teal, T. K.  (June 2018). Short-format workshops build skills and confidence for researchers to work with data.  Paper presented at American Society for Engineering Education 2018 Conference, Salt Lake City, UT, USA.
  • (peer reviewed) Fallaw, C., Dunham, E., Wickes, E., et al. (2016). Overly Honest Repository Development.  code{4}lib Journal 23(2016). http://journal.code4lib.org/articles/11980
  • Jordan, K. L., Marwick, B., Weaver, B., Zimmerman, N., Williams, J., Teal, T., … Wickes, E. (2017). Analysis of the Carpentries’ Long-Term Feedback Survey. 10.5281/zenodo.1039944
  • Wickes, E. (June 2016). How to approach selecting a license for data release.  Blog post for Data Carpentry.  http://www.datacarpentry.org/blog/data-licensing/


  • Wickes, E. (March, 2019). “Developing data science capacity among students – a mentor’s view.” Invited talk presented for the Data Science Student Groups Webinar series from the Midwest Big Data Hub.
  • Wickes, E. (August 2018).  “Reproducible education: what teaching can learn from open science practices.” Talk presented at JupyterCon 2018. 10.5281/zenodo.1402203
  • Wickes, E. (June 2018). “Extending Explicitness and Expert Blind Spots to the Psychology of Novices.” Poster presented at CarpentryCon 2018. 10.5281/zenodo.1251883
  • Wickes, E. (May 2018). “Hard Shouldn’t be Hardship: Supporting Absolute Novices to Python.” Talk presented at the 2018 Python Education Summit. 10.5281/zenodo.1244334
  • Wickes, E. (May 2017).  Reworking the workshop: designing data management workshops to align with behavioral change models.  Talk presented at IASIST Annual Conference 2017.
  • Wickes, E. (May 2017).  Crafting High Impact Tabling Experiences.  Pecha Kucha presented at IASIST Annual Conference 2017.
  • Wickes, E. (April 2017).  Computational Data Workflow Mapping Talk presented as part of Blue Waters Scientific Workflows webinar series.  http://hdl.handle.net/2142/91639
  • Wickes, E. (August 2016).  Creating Tidy Data in R. Workshop presented at the 2016 Midwest Data Librarian Symposium. https://github.com/elliewix/but-i-just-want-to-make-a-graph
  • Wickes, E. (August 2016).  AutoDocish: Automated-ish Dataset Documentation.  Talk presented at PyData Chicago 2016. 10.6084/m9.figshare.3759288.v1
  • Wickes, E. (April 2015).  Recontextualizing Humanities Skills for Coding. Talk presented at 2015 Symposium on LIS Education, Champaign, IL. 10.6084/m9.figshare.1373932
  • Wickes, E. (April 2015).  Programming as an Information-centered activity.  Talk presented at 2015 Python Education Summit, Montreal, CA. 10.6084/m9.figshare.1372436
  • Wickes, E. (March, 2015).  Mining the Poachers: Quantitative Analysis of Fanfiction Works Across Two Archives.  Poster presented at the 2015 GSLIS Research Showcase, Champaign, IL. 10.6084/m9.figshare.1348806
  • Wickes, E. (April 2014).  Adventures in Learning Python. Poster presented at PyCon 2014, Montreal, CA. 10.6084/m9.figshare.988625


  • Co-instructor, HackCulture Data Analysis Challenge (February 2019)
    • Designed a half day workshop and hackathon for data analysis
  • Co-instructor, Hesitant Data Scientist Workshop (September 2018 and January 2019)
    • Two-day workshop around foundational skills for data analysis/science
  • Technical editor and content reviewer (August 2018 – January 2019)
    • Editor for “Intro to Python for Computer Science and Data Science: Learning to Program with AI, Big Data and The Cloud” (forthcoming, 2019) By Deitel, H. & Deitel, P. Pearson Education.
  • Instructor, Intermediate Python for Data Automation (April 2018)
    • Workshop for Reaching Across Illinois Library System
    • 1.5 day workshop with 4 weekly follow up sessions. Python programming for data processing, common data formats, working with APIs, technical project management, and version control.
  • Instructor, Learn Tech to Teach Tech (February 2018)
    • Workshop for code{4}lib 2018 Conference
    • Full day workshop on personal learning plans, lesson development, and technical instruction
  • Co-instructor, Humanities Data: A Hands On Approach (July 2017 & July 2018)
    • Workshop strand for Digital Humanities at Oxford Summer School 2017 & 2018
    • Led sessions on: learning strategies for technical skills, Python, SQL, and ethics & social implications of data
  • Instructor & Co-instructor, Data Management Workshop Series (January 2016 – May 2017)
    • Workshops for University Library (Illinois)
    • Redesigned a series of four workshops on research data management and data publication
  • Instructor, Introduction to Practical Programming (January 2015)
    • Workshop, ALA Midwinter Meeting
    • Full day workshop presented as a LITA Institute workshop


  • School of Information Sciences, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    • Admissions Committee member August 2017 – Present
  • The Carpentries
    • Elected Executive Council member January 2018 – December 2020
    • Executive Council representative to the Code of Conduct committee January 2019 – July 2019
    • Assessment Committee member 2017 – Present
    • Library Carpentry Python Lesson Maintainer December 2018 – Present
  • Reproducible Research with Jupyter hackathon content developer January 2016
  • Python Education Summit (co-located with PyCon North America)
    • Co-chair for the summit 2019
    • Chair of Python Education Summit Mini-sprints track 2019
  • Champaign-Urbana Community Work
    • Champaign-Urbana Python User’s Group (Py-CU) organizer 2013 – Present
    • Makerspace Urbana key holder committee member 2013 – Present
  • University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    • Research Data Service Committee member August 2016 – May 2017
    • Humanities and Interdisciplinary Scholars’ Collaboratory December 2016 – May 2017
  • 2016 Midwest Data Librarian Symposium planning committee June – October 2016



  • Wickes, E. (2018) AutoDocish: Data Profiling Tool 10.5281/zenodo.2567539


  • Wickes, E. (2016). Version values for DataCite dataset records. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 10.13012/B2IDB-4803136_V1
  • Wickes, E. (2016). Language values for DataCite dataset records. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 10.13012/B2IDB-1065549_V1
  • Wickes, E., Nakamura, K. (2016). Supporting data processing scripts and example data for Peru AIDData analysis. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 10.13012/B2IDB-7860393_V1

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