Presenting at PyCon!

PyCon 2014 is coming up quickly!  I am so excited to be presenting a poster and have been working madly to finish it up.

Link to the program entry for my poster

My poster focuses on students who are attempting to learn programming and/or Python from outside a standard computer science educational track.  These students include (but not limited to) those who cannot access college courses due to financial or time issues, undergraduates out of credit hours to begin a new major or minor, and graduate students unable to add CS coursework into their program.

Students in this situation are facing complications beyond basic access. They may not have the traditional prerequisite math and physics, lack basic computing skills, and materials that don’t speak to their learning needs.  These other issues do not take away from their desire and need to learn.

In this poster, I have attempted to summarize the situation, listed a set of Python community goals, described the outreach work of Py-CU, and highlighted some of the best resources for students in this situation.  The goal of this poster is to encourage members of the Python community to give back, explain the unique situation these students are in, and provide readers with learning resources they can direct students to.  This has been a wonderful topic to explore, and is framing additional work that I’m hoping to complete over the summer.  I’ll post a copy of my poster once I’ve finalized it.

The talk list for PyCon is amazing and I’m looking forward to being able to report on some new resources people are presenting about.  Going to PyCon?  Check out the posters on Sunday!


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