Summer 2014 PyCamps are scheduled

Summer 2014 PyCamp schedules have just been announced!  I attended PyCamp last year and loved every moment of it.  Being self-taught, it helped fill in a ton of gaps I had and introduced me to so much new stuff to explore.  These are not meant for absolute beginners, but you don’t need to be an expert to get a lot out of it.  You should be fine if you’ve gone through a basic book, Codecademy, or PythonLearn.

Here’s the blurb of the PyOhio PyCamp:

PyOhio PyCamp 2014 is an ultra-low-cost, five-day, Python boot camp taking place July 21-25 in a high tech classroom on the campus of The Ohio State University. PyCamp has taught the fundamentals of Python programming to thousands. You can get up to speed on the most modern programming language at PyCamp. Sign up today at

These camps are usually held the week leading up to a larger conference, such as PyOhio.  Be sure to stay for the conferences if you can.  Depending on the colleges and universities you have nearby, these may be your only opportunity for a truly affordable Python class.  Tuition for the one leading up to PyOhio is $300, which is much less than a community college or university’s tuition cost.  The money raised by these camps is also used to cover the cost of the host conference.

This year they have some limited scholarships available:

An anonymous donor has stepped forward for PyOhio PyCamp 2014 and offered four scholarships. The scholarships are specified for “women and minorities under-represented in computer science.” Two additional criteria apply: applicants must not already be working in IT nor may they be already enrolled in a “formal” (i.e., secondary or university classroom) programming course or major (MOOCs are OK). The scholarships cover $150 of the eligible tuition. Therefore, an early bird tuition becomes $150. Or an early bird tuition with an OSU email address becomes just $100. These scholarships are first-come, first-served. If you qualify, please send an email, subject line “PyOhio PyCamp 2014 Scholarship,” with how you meet with criteria and why you need PyCamp to



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