What I’m working on right now

By request of Julia Evans (tweet) to the world, I am writing about what I’m working on right now.

As the tweets were posted I was in the middle of facilitating Py-CU‘s weekly open hours. The discussion threads were:

  1. Attempting to help someone get Python 2.7 going within Anaconda3 so he could use computer vision packages in Jupyter Notebooks.  Windows. Pain. Unresolved.
  2. Chatting with a programming newbie about resources and common problems humanities students having when first learning how to code.
  3. Awesome nerd out over text and code editors.
  4. Listening to a BB-8 build group yell at a robot to test voice commands.
  5. Listening to a 3D printer choke to death on Darth Vader printer.
  6. Me ranting about the crazy train that chapter 11 of R for Everyone went on.

I was working on:

  1. Writing a tool to auto-generate a bunch of CSVs with fake data.
  2. In order to have test data to build an auto-documentation tool.
    1. And attempting to figure out how to slam this JSON file into a sqlite3 database.
    2. I just wrote data[‘files’][data[‘files’].keys()[0]].keys().
    3. Rethinking life choices.
  3. Musing over my book review notes for R for Everyone.
  4. Resisting the urge to get R for Everyone out of my bag because I need to finish this class project.

Things near the top of my stack:

  1. Finishing an XPath tutorial.
  2. Finishing R for Everyone.
  3. Planning how I would code up some data for a analytics project for work.
  4. Thinking about my summer learning stack once I GRADUATE in May and am FREE.

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