I am currently a Lecturer at the iSchool at Illinois, which is full time teaching faculty.  I focus on teaching programming far data and other data intensive courses.  I recieved my MSLIS with specializations are data curation and socio-technical data analytics in 2016.  I am also a co-organizer of the Champaign-Urbana Python User’s group (http://py-cu.github.io/).  I worked as a project coordinator, data curator, and manager in a large software company for several years before returning to school.

This site is dedicated to resources for non-STEM students wishing to learn Python and my own musings on the subject.  The resource directory was born out of frustration with the “dumb luck” factor of the Python community, where a student’s success and interests are often hurt by an inability to find a resource that fits their background and purpose for learning.  I am also asked on a regular basis about recommended Python resources, so I decided to collect my favorites in a single place.  My target audience for this blog are students who are from non-STEM backgrounds with an interest or need to study programming outside of the formal classroom environment.

More recent sections of this blog include lesson plans for independent students, and a remixed version for a classroom environment.  Please share, use, and remix these!  Feel free to email or tweet me with any feedback on these.


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