Classroom lesson plan

This page is an ongoing classroom adaptation for the guided self-study lesson plan I developed.  The class is running from September 8 to October 27, and slide decks and homework assignments are being added as developed.

Students in this pilot run of the class were recruited from GSLIS and various humanities domains at UIUC.

Day Slides Homework
Day 1 Recontextualizing humanities skills to programming
Welcome to class/Intro to programming
Material covered:
Chapters 1 and 2
Practice problems for review:
After section 2.9: Python Syntax
After section 2.9: Tip Calculator
Chapter 2 exercises
Read/watch for next week:
Chapter 3
After 3.2: exercises 1-10 of Conditionals & Control
After 3.6: exercises 11-15 of Conditionals & Control
Chapter 3 exercises
Day 2 Day 2 slides Read/watch for next week:
Chapter 4
Chapter 4 video
Chapter 4 exercises
Taking a vacation
Day 3 Day 3 slides Read/Watch for next week:
Chapter 8: 8.1-8.7
Chapter 8 video, stop at 6:20
Attempt (as much as you can):
Exercises 1-7 of Python Lists and Dictionaries
Exam Statistics (optional)
Battleship (optional)
Advanced Topics in Python: List Slicing
Advanced Topics in Python: List Comprehensions
Day 4 Searching skills
For next week:
Watch the videos first. They are very helpful.
Chapter 5 video
Chapter 8 video: start at 6:20 (when he starts talking about range)
Chapter 5
Chapter 8: 8.8 to the end
Exercises 1-13 of Loops
Chapter 5 exercises
Chapter 8 exercises
Day 5 Loops slides… For next week:
Chapter 6 video
Chapter 6
Strings & Console
Date and Time
Chapter 6 exercises
Pyg Latin
Day 6  Strings slides… For next week:
Chapter 9 video
Chapter 9
Exercises 14-end of Loops
Chapter 9 exercises
A Day at the Supermarket
Student Becomes the Teacher
Advanced topics in Python: Iterators for Dictionaries
Day 7  Dictionary slides…

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